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the Bricks – the name already shows our idea of a whole new fun park. It´s not conquering huge features, but giving your personal style a place to play. Our rails are made out of real concrete, a worldwide unique concept. No huge floating masses but solid, controllable streetstyle lines, that will challenge your creativity and style. The setup is completed by UNIT features, constructed with no screws to protect you and your gear. They are repositioned or replaced every once in a while to keep you playin`. Short distances between the pulleys will give you a no swing pull as you approach your hit. Perfect shaped shoreline for a comfortable short swim and walk back.  Affordable accommodation in a youth-hostel right next to the lake.


Day Ticket

Adults 34,00€

Teens* 25,00€


Ticket 1h

Adults 20,00€

Teens* 15,50€


Ticket 2h

Adults 25,00€

Teens* 19,00€

*Teens till 15 years


opening hours here

directions and contact here


You need an accommodation?

There is a youth hostel 500 meters apart from the lake. Please check:  here




Mitch Langfield at the Bricks Duisburg Wedau


Marc Rossiter at the Bricks Duisburg Wedau


Manu Rupp at the Bricks Duisburg Wedau


Manu Rupp at the Bricks Duisburg Wedau

All photos by Chris O'Shea |



Öffnungszeiten der Miniramp gleich wie Öffnungszeiten von Wasserskiseilbahn.


Miniramp Skateboard Wasserski Duisburg Wedau